Crinos Kylal and the Kylal family

CrinosCrinos Kylal is the daughter of the current leader of the Seven-Star Nation, Tessalus. Though she spent most of her young life hidden from public view (often stuck in a book in the library), she has recently become engaged in public affairs, and has shown great potential for leadership during stressful political events that were beginning to overwhelm her mother. Being a Kylal, she is quite tall (over two meters if you include her upward facing horns) and has fire-like stripes, where most Agwilkans have spots.

The Kylal family are essentially the royalty of the Agwilikans. The name comes from Ky, the leader of the Naryyd, who produced the first Agwilikan and Akelikan (Dominesa and Palades). Ky did not produce any more children, while the other six Naryyd went on to create enough descendants to get the new races to viable numbers to form a civilization. Ky’s descendants have some unique genetic traits: each of the Kylal are only able to have one child, but no matter who the other parent is, that child will be a Kylal. This has resulted in a simple direct lineage throughout time, avoiding possible disputes over who will preside over the nation. There is a widely accepted belief that the family is protected by Ky’s power to ensure their survival. However, this faith was shaken when the entire line of the Akelikan Kylals were assassinated at the outbreak of the First War.

Side note: I am looking at giving the Agwilikans, Agwils, and Prerarts (plus similar races in other storylines) dark sclera (outer area of the eye) instead of human-like white, as you can see in this picture of Crinos. The Akelikans will continue to have white sclera, as their eyes resemble the Naryyd’s.

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