Agwilika Rhe

The Land of the Silver Dragons is torn into two factions: the predominantly Agwilikan Seven-Star Nation and the lands and people ruled by the Akelikan Army King. Two wars have been fought between them in the past, and tidings of a third conflict dwells in the people’s collective fear. Thankfully, there are those that bring a counteracting hope; poised to lead, fight, heal, and perhaps reunite the Children of the Naryyd.

Raeja Laterel is a Syrsi, a member of the royal guardians. Her skill and devotion was recognized by her peers and the royal family, and was given the honor of her guardian role at a young age.
Anjil Etoks is an adept user of magical powers. He is a member of the Ayra Katrin, an organization of the best sorcerers, scholars, and engineers of the nation. Anjil has shown exceptional talent and has risen up in the Ayra Katrin ranks quite quickly. He has even been able to teach his girlfriend Raeja some magical abilities.
Crinos Kylal is the daughter of the current leader of the Seven-Star Nation, Tessalus Kylal. Though she spent most of her young life hidden from public view (usually stuck in a book in the library), she has recently come forth, showing great potential for leadership during stressful political events that were beginning to overwhelm her mother.
The Agwilikans
Most of the emerald-skinned Agwilikans are citizens of the Seven-Star Nation. Their numbers include the Kylal royal family, the Nazyran warrior clan, the forest-dwelling Agylat clan, and the majority Sentes clan.
The Akelikans
A majority of the silver-skinned Akelikans live under the rule of the Army King, whether willingly or as slaves. Some have managed to remain in or at some point defect to the Seven-Star Nation. Members of the Derhet clan, led by the first Army King Keth Akel, killed off the Akelikan Kylal leaders and enslaved the Shentod warriors, at least those that didn’t escape or were killed for resisting.
The Agwil, or Dragons
The Children of the Sky, the mighty Agwils have an innate supernatural ability that allows them to fly. They have lived in a loose-knit and transient society for all known history. At one point they fell into a dark age of war, followed by an age where the Agwil culture languished. It was the arrival of the Naryyd that beckoned their return to their former greatness. Later, some of the Agwils worked with the Naryyd to create the Agwilikan and Akelikan races.
The Prerarts
Prerarts are related to the Agwil, but are much smaller and can not fly. One Ayra Katrin had described them as “disgustingly cute, hideously adorable, and intolerably lovable.” They live in nomadic villages mostly made up of extended families. The largest population of Prerats in the world exists along the shores of Basu Lake. Like the Agwil, some Prerarts worked with the Naryyd to create the Agwilikans and Akelikans.
The Naryyd
These seven gray-skinned humanoid beings appeared on the planet and made several great accomplishments in their long lifetimes. These beings possessed incredible magical and spiritual power, the likes this world had never before witnessed. They befriended the Agwils and Prerarts, and ushered in a revival of culture for these native races. They later created two new hybrid races bearing traits of both the Naryyd and the natives to serve as their children, as they lacked the means to produce direct offspring.
They served as the spiritual, inspirational, and civic leaders of all four of the other races. In a tragic end to their reign, the seven Naryyd fell ill just as the First War had broken out amongst their half children, and soon passed away.

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