Tatyakore, Dragon of Elehura

TatyakoreIn the Elehura mythology, Tatyakore is the legendary Dragon that resides in the hidden holy land within the mountain of Elehura. No other Dragons exist in the world and very few have actually met her in person, yet her image can be found in most cultures in various forms. Her purpose is not entirely clear, but there is a belief that she is responsible for protecting the hidden paradise from evil.

As said, very few have met the Dragon in all of history, but the most important were the trio of humans that were the first to make her acquaintance. Each was offered a holy artifact which also granted them immortality. With those gifts, the three created an empire which spanned the globe. The emperor was ultimately consumed by his power, and became so dangerous that the other two returned the artifacts in exchange for the emperor’s removal.

Tatyakore, full sized image

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This latest change to the character was the first time I applied the dark coloring to the outer eye instead of the usual white. Similar races like the Gwil/Agwilikans are going to get this look too. The previous version of the character concept:TatyakoreSpeaking of updates, I also adjusted the information on the Elehura Main Page while I put the new picture of Tatyakore in there.

The purpose of the orb she has resting in their horns is… undetermined.


Slyvette, 3D Model

Slyvette is a long existing character of mine, originally part of the storyline called “Silver and Gray” (which was originally “The Gate War” because I was probably a middle schooler and terrible at naming things). Lately it looks like that project is going to be canceled. Well, more like consumed by another. At one point, Elehura was set to take place in Silver and Gray’s past. Now, elements of S&G being integrated into Elehura, including Slyvette here.

The latest 2D design of Slyvette, drawn in Inkscape.

The latest 2D design of Slyvette, drawn in Inkscape.

Slyvette is renowned for her fighting skill and her ability with lightning magic. She belongs to a holy order of soldiers based in Elehura. Like other members of her order, she’s become suspicious of the people now leading the city, and things got so tense that she and and a clan of her fellow Pritar fled to the wilderness. Now the clan’s leader, she has recently set up camp in the forests of the western region of Elehura.

Sorry you’re not an immortal angel anymore, Sly. It’ll probably make you a more compelling character, though.


The Felcae are one of the immigrant races of Sharpheart and one of the races present in Elehura. This particular character is Miryin, an expert archer and user of wind (telekinetic) magic.

This is an updated version of an earlier image (shown below). I used a 3D model to try to get a better grasp on the pose, and used Inkscape instead of Flash to draw it.

Tatyakore, guardian of Paradise

In the Elehura mythology, Tatyakore is the legendary Dragon that resides in the hidden holy land known as Paradise. Tatyakore’s purpose is not made entirely clear, but it is generally believed that she is responsible for protecting Paradise from evil.

In the ancient legends, three humans once found their way into Paradise and met Tatyakore. Each received a holy gift from her, which also granted them immortality. The three then returned to civilization and founded the Holy Mudrahal Empire, which eventually spanned all lands and people of the world. Later, the Emperor became so dangerously corrupt that the other two returned the holy gifts to Tatyakore in exchange for the Emperor’s removal from power.

In the image, Tatyakore is holding one of the holy gifts, the Orb of Inspiration, which is said to give the bearer uncommon insight and creativity. The other gifts are the Spear of Authority (the one the Demon King of Paradise currently possesses) and the Sword of Heroism.

The Demon King of Paradise

The primary antagonist of “Elehura”. He’s been around for a while, so it’s about time to put him back up on the website. Recently I added the more decorative wings and fancier dragon symbol on his mask. The four-pointed sun symbol on his chest is the insignia for Paradise and the ancient Mudrahal Empire. The black, white, and gray eye symbols on the wings are the Demon King’s personal symbol.

For reference, here’s an older version of the Demon King: