Surrounded by an empty, unforgiving desert lies an unusual mountain. Famed for the way clouds always skirt its base, it received its name from the Gwil race’s term “che get ele hura”, The Mountain on Clouds. Upon its plateau region a small but thriving community has existed for countless generations. It has the reputation amongst many races to be a sacred place. A great span of time has worn away its true significance from the people’s memories. The holy leaders of Elehura are among the select few who still know this secret history that only lies in scattered fragments amongst the legends of the world at large.

TatyakoreThree humans once found their way into the heart of the mountain and discovered a gateway into a separate world. There they met the dragon Tatyakore, an angelic being that tends to this other place. Each received a holy gift from her, which also granted them immortality. The three then returned to civilization and founded the Holy Mudrahal Empire, which eventually spanned all lands and people of the world. Later, the Emperor became so dangerously corrupt from his near absolute power that the other two returned the holy gifts to Tatyakore in exchange for the Emperor’s removal from power.

The empire collapsed and its history ultimately faded into myth, with only the ubiquity of its four-pointed star symbol across the world suggesting it scope and influence. The secret of Elehura and its hidden paradise remained sealed away.

In present day, a man named Muhar Nerefane is plagued by strange dreams that haunt his nights and cloud his days. His spiritual leaders agree that they are no mere nightmares, but are unable to help him. They suggest he seek a place where those more knowledgeable in such affairs might reside: Elehura. He leaves his home and travels far, through forests, over mountains, and descending into a desert. In the overbearing midday heat, he finds himself in Kechal Springs at the edge of the sands, and from there he catches his first glimpse of that strange rock among the expansive sands, resting in its famed bed of clouds. Though the sun shines brightly on them, Muhar has a strange feeling that the clouds are tinted with a darkness… but maybe it is just the heat playing with his eyes.

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