The story of Sharpheart takes place in a miniature universe known as the Voidplane. Its size is comparable to but a single world in a normal universe. A gravity-like force pushes all things towards the center plane of its lens shape, causing everything to become seemingly suspended in the air along a single flat level.
On occasion, interdimensional gates appear. These anomalies bring land, materials, and even people from other universes into Voidplane.
Voidplane is also host to its own native inhabitants. The beings of this universe are nearly immortal and non-reproducing, contrasting to the more traditionally mortal races that ‘immigrate’ here.

A city-state existing near the outer rim of the Voidplane. The name literally translates to ‘The Nation’ in the Language of the Law (a common language used in the nation’s official business). The nation is presided over by a trio of Voidplane natives, though nearly all the rest of the population is made up of a variety of immigrant races.
Human immigrants coined a nickname for the nation – Sharpheart – which became the unofficial name for the nation’s main island.

Many lifetimes ago, there was a large island ruled by a nation of Dragons that dominated the region. From an unknown source, most likely from another universe, a malevolent entity appeared on the island. Taking the form of a virulent black mass, this being eventually engulfed the entire island despite the resident Dragons using all their power to contain it. From this ‘Poison Pool’ were born the Hessai, one-eyed magical beings with a single-minded drive to attack and destroy all that they could find.
Even in the present time, the soldiers of Sha Rephart are battling against this tenacious enemy. However, the soldiers have a special advantage: they are equipped with spellbooks filled with Tokens, keys to summoning magical weapons, spells, and creatures. Sha Rephart’s ability to make these Tokens has made it a powerful and prosperous country of the Voidplane despite their vicinity to the Poison Pool.

The Council Lords

These are the three Voidplane natives that founded Sha Rephart and continue to head its government.

Center: The Dragon Tatyakore. Tatyakore is most well known for diligent and efficient management of Sha Rephart’s infrastructure. This is critically important for the nation’s success and survival due to the limited natural resources available in the Voidplane.

Left: The Lurin Lunark. Lunark’s race are shapeshifters. In order to change form, he must enter his ‘nest’ (the ball he’s sitting on in the picture). Lunark was also responsible for developing the Token technology and remains the best of the ‘dreamers’ that create new Tokens.

Right: The Tanteru Kemadrel. Kemadrel is known as the most personable of the Council Lords. The other two tend to keep to themselves outside of national functions. Kemadrel, on the other hand, is well known for wandering Sharpheart in search of new acquaintances and stories. He also has a strong interest in fighting the Hessai, and acts as the commander of the nation’s Hessai defense forces.

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