Kylal Palace Ceremony Hall

KP 8-5 aA new design for the Ceremony Hall floor. At the center is an outline of Agwilcress.

KP 8-5 bThe back of the Ceremony Hall now has a dais which includes tiered seats behind the speaking stage. New chandeliers, made out of pairs of three-stars, now hang from the centerline of the roof.

KP 8-5 dAnother view of the dais. Here you can see the seven-star decoration similar to the one at the front entrance, and a better look at the seats.

KP 8-5 cAn overhead view of the palace in its current state. Recently some circular garden beds and fountains were added to the front yard.

The name for the Kylal Palace in the Agwilikan language is “Prikaneko se Kylal”. Kaneko means home (from kanika beko, “people building”), and pri is a common prefix meaning great or greatest.

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